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Freestyle and Miami Bass home practise mix

Deep in my mind are Freestyle & Miami Bass tunes...

Cadbury Eyebrow TVC (Hong Kong)

I like this advertisment very much, Old school hip hop, Miami Bass and Casio watch....
and this tune is echoing in my mind these few days.

Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock 這兩天在我腦中echoing...

其實在我腦中的深處都是 Freestyle 和 Miami Bass....
一飲多兩杯就要聽 :
我想這隻愛歌我成時打,我的舊mix 應該有bor....
dj Richard Prado - 20080427a Practise Mix


Freestyle and Miami Bass home practise mix by Dj Richard Prado Artimix on Mixcloud

dj Richard Prado - 20080427a Home-dRUNk Practise Mix
Tracklist :
Noel - Silent Morning (Hearthrob)
Noel - Silent Morning (1018 Dub)
Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Club Mix)
Will To Power - Fading Away (Big Beat Mix)
Stevie B - Spring Love (Club Mix)
Gazebo - Masterpiece '98 (Master Freestyle Long Mix)
Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music (Wicked Mix)
Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock (Wicked Mix)
Dj Magic Mike - Magic Mike Cutz The Record
Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom
Flirts - Teenage Werewolf
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt
Prince - Erotic City
Boys From The Bottom - Boom! I Got Your Girlfriend
Gucci Crew II - Sally (That Girl) (The Shocker Mix)
Egyptian Lover - The Dark Side of Egypt
Information Society - Lay All Your Love On Me (Phil Harding Mix)

Time : 61:36
Date : 2008-04-27
Description :
Unhearsed, un-edited Home-dRUNk practise Mix,
Deep in my mind are Freestyle & Miami Bass tunes
This recording is not emphasized on mixing but a recording of the state of my mind after a bottle of white wine and continue with more in this mix :)

Download :

Cadbury's Eyebrow advert, how it was done :

Freestyle description :

Miami Bass description :



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