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80's Easy Mood Retro Mix Part 2 (Pre-release Version)

01. Pet Shop Boys - Decadence
02. ThongChai McIntyre - Sabai Sabai (Thai Vocal Version)
03. Simone - Him
04. Melinda Gee - Me And The Saxophone
05. China Crisis - Wishful Thinking
06. Pet Shop Boys - Rent (12" Vinyl Extended Mix)
07. Copyright - Hypnotized

Length : 30:46
Version : v20100117G
Note : Prototype to test the mood. Not final version.

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Richard Chillfader Mix Show 068 - Sexy Club Mix (Easy & Dope)


Human Demo 1986 (4-track tape edit test) - Richard Prado (Artimix)

Testing demo for Tascam 246 4-track tape recorder in 1986.

Human League - Human
Gazebo - I Like Chopin
Richard Prado Artimix - "Cha"
Snow White
Edits from Max Mix 4
- Holiday Rap
- Hi Ho
- U.S.S.R.
- Geil

Length : 1:21

聽過我1986年把聲嗎 ?
I Like Chopin 在第8拍出聲, 找不到合適effect遮蓋佢, 最後順便Richard試(mixer goose neck)咪 填個"Cha"聲落去! :p


Club Dance Mix [Where Do You Go] 1999 (mixed by Richard Artimix) [Repost]

Tracklist :
No Mercy - Where Do You Go (Remix)
Everything But The Girl - Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
Lost - Because You Love Me (Remix)
Everything But The Girl - Wrong (Todd Terry Remix)
Amber - This Is The Night (Remix)
20 Fingers - Lick It (Remix) *
Lost - Unbreak My Heart (Remix)
Angelina - I Don't Need Your Love (Remix)
Angelina - I Don't Need Your Love (Spanish)
Jamaster A - 唐山大兄 (Remake)

* : Planned high point.
Length : 30:55
Year : 1999
Note : Rehearsed 4-Track Unedited ; using 2 CDJ and Fostex 4-Tracker recorder.

Description :
記得當年第一次聽到 Where Do You Go 是在新加坡的CD店, 第一次聽便愛上了,買了CD Remix Single, 當年坐雙子星號遊輪要在新加坡出發...
另外, 我不介意聽翻唱歌, 有自己風格又唱得好也支持, Lost 是一位好例子.



Olympic Compilation (Side One One) (Mixed by Claudio Casalini)

Fun Fun - Color My Love
Chris Luis - The Heart Of The City
Sal Wood - Heat The Beat
Matisse - Fool For Love
Susan Morgan - Crazy Love
Nancy Costa - New York Times
Fassari - Romadinotte
Bu Bu Sex - Great Expectation

Length : 20:30
Year : 1984


The Greent Parrot Mix 2016 (mixed by Richard Prado Artimix)

This mix can well define my style as resident DJ in the Green Parrot Disco in the late 1980's.
With genre like Italo Disco, 80's Dance, House, lots of Funky, lots of Latin Freestyle / Miami Bass, New Beat, etc. and also the dark underground feel.
Rehearsed live mix unedited long version.

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (12")
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (Hot Tracks)
Fine Young Cannibals - I'm Not The Man I Used To Be (Smith & Mighty Version)
Holly Johnson - Americanos (Liberty Mix)
George MC Crae - Nice And Slow (Streetheat Bootleg Remix)
Alexander O'Neal - Fake (89 House Mix)
The Cure - Hot Hot Hot (Razormaid Mix)
Karyn White - Secret Rendezvous (White House Remix)
Vanessa Williams - The Right Stuff (Hot Tracks)
Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix)
Herb Alpert - Keep Your Eye On Me (Extended Version)
CAMEO - Word Up (12")
The Whispers - Rock Steady (12")
Pebbles - Girlfriend (12")
Midnight Star - Midas Touch (12")
Noel - Silent Morning (12" Club Mix)
Noel - Like a Child (12")
Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy Mix)
Will To Power - Fading Away (Big Beat Mix)
Red Flag - Russian Radio (Glasnost Club Mix)
CCCP - American Soviets (Mixx-It)
Depeche Mode - Personal jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach)
The Neon Judgement - Chinese Black

Length : 86:08
Date : 2016-07-30a


Olympic Compilation Mix 1984 (Side One) (mixed by Claudio Casalini)

Italo Disco Mix for 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Side One
1. Passengers - Olympic Ferver
2. Larry Paul Emmett - Evita
3. Valery Dore - The Night
4. Paciscopi - Love's Harmony
5. Pancho Ballet - Dancing Shoes
6. Witch Elizabeth - My Destiny
7. Mark Owen - Magic Love
8. Tammie Lee - Sky High medley with Night More Night

Length : 20:30
Year : 1984


Wake Up Call Mix (Richard Artimix)

Tracklist :
Gary Low - I Want You (Instrumental)
Den Harrow - A Taste Of Scratch (Instrumental)
Gazebo - Lunatic (Instrumental)
Main Line - Somebody's Watching Me (Instrumental)
Giorgio Moroder - Chase
Rofo - Flashlight (Disconet Remix)
La Flavour - Mandolay
Spandau Ballet - Only When You Leave (Hot Tracks)
Copyright - Hypnotized (Jazz Mix)
Kazero - Thai Na Na (Mix)
松武秀樹 - Domino Dance
Depeche Mode - See You

Length : 46:03
Date : 2016-07-13a2

Instrumental versions can be very useful for warm up sessions.