Please Love Italo Disco

Please Love Italo Disco

Updated to :
Please Love 80's Italo Again

*Part 1
Rose - Magic Carillion (12") [9A]
Savage - Only You (Extended Remix) [8A]
Valerie Dore - Get Closer (12") [9A]
Creative Connection - Scratch My Name (12") [9A]
Modern Talking - You Can Win If You Want (Special Dance Mix) [10A]
*Part 2
Luca Coveri - Do It Again (Extended Remix) [9A]
Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion (12") [9A]
KB Caps - Do You Really Need Me (Dub Instrumental) [8A]
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (Nunk Remix) [8A]
Humphrey - Devil Love (Passion In The Dark) (12") [8A]
Marx & Spencer - Stay (Matiz Remix) [9A]
Joe Yellow - Lover To Lover (For Sale) (12") [10A]
*Part 3
Marx & Spencer - Stay (Matiz Remix) [9A, as base track]
-Sabrina - Boys Boys Boys (12") [9A]
-Gazebo - Lunatic (Extended Mix) [8A]
-Gary Low - I Want You (12") [10A]
-Duke Lake - Do You (12") [10A]
-Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine (12") [9A]
-Phil Grant - Hey Girl (Vocal Version) [8A]
-Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (12") [8A]
*Part 4
Fancy - Flames Of Love (12" Ext.) [9A]
Rocky M. - Fly With Me To Wonderland (Extended Mix) [8A]

Length: 14:01

This mix is seen as a whole and has an 80’s medley structure which consists of 4 main parts:
*Part 1 – Building up (00:01 to 05:26) : simple beat mix at first, then medley positions, a little bridge at 04:20 with harmonic mixing 3 tracks together.
*Part 2 – Fresh & Loving feeling (05:26 to 07:58) : a simple fade chop here is enough, doesn’t have to be sophisticated in everywhere. Mood is king.
*Part 3 – Taking Off (07:58 to 11:55) : speed up; gained enough momentum to take off; base track technique to quick show big Italo tunes; a quick break down (at 11:00 to 11:19) and building up.
*Part 4 – Over the world (11:55 to 14:01) : touching tunes to wrap up, extending the loving feeling, haunting the audience and wanting them to listen again.

1980's DJ Beat Mixing & Multi-track Recorder
1990's Computer Editing
2000's Harmonic Mixing
2010's Mood Mixing

This mix is all of the above:
1) Contains mix positions from my 1980's 4-tracker mix;
2) Used computer for edits;
3) Perfectly Harmonic mixing, see Camelot key code in track list;
4) Mood Mixing technique used.


Mood Mixing

Mood Mixing

Mood mixing is a DJ’s mixing technique developed by DJ Richard Prado (Artimix), Mood Chart first appeared in this website in 2009.

Mood mixing is a DJ’s continuous mix between two pre-recorded tracks that are the same or similar mood level index (or energy level index).

The primary goal of mood mixing is to create a DJ mix that has smooth and continuous mood flow. The mix set is treated as a living whole, with ups and downs energy level controlled by the DJ with the use of mood level index.

Mood Level Index:
Beat mixing uses BPM index;
Harmonic mixing uses Camelot Key code;
Mood mixing uses mood level index.

Two songs may have same BPM and Key but yet they can not be mixed well together because the mood is not right.

Each song in the DJ’s crate is given a mood level index indicating the song’s energy flow, for example, from 1-10 (or 0-9 which will be the same but easier for renaming filenames), with 1 being a chillout song with no drum beat, 10 being extreme hyper hardcore and other level descriptions in between like “building up”, “taking off”, “on flight”. The DJ has to define a set for himself and stick with his own set of definition. Some songs may have multiple energy level indexes in different parts, just like some songs can have multiple BPM and some songs can have multiply Keys, the DJ may note this in the song’s description tag and use the parts wisely in his mix.

Mood Chart:
With the use of computer mixing software, the track list together with the mood level index can easily be recorded (may also contains time data). These data can be easily put in a spread sheet and generate a raw chart. The DJ can then fine trim the chart to reflect the mood flow of his DJ set. The Y-axis for the mood level and the X-axis can be time or track number.


1987-09 Live Mixtape - Keep Your Eye On Me

ABC - The Night You Murdered Love (The Whole Story) Rap feat. Contessa Lady V
MC King - What Have You Done For Me Lately (12")
M.A.R.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume (12")
Herb Alpert - Keep Your Eye On Me (12")
Cameo - Word Up (12")
The Whispers - Rock Steady (12")
Pebbles - Girlfriend (12" Extended Version)
Midnight Star - Midas Touch (12")
Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling) (12")
Bar Keys - Certified True (12")

Length : 30:26
Date   : 1987 September

Stream Player:

1987_09 Mixtape at Work Live (reamp)2a - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3
Download Link 1:

Live mixtape from 1987, please bear the tape's hissing sound in track 2, evidence of real mixtape, ha ha.



2012-05-13 Freestyle Mixtape

2012-05-13 Freestyle Mixtape 

Tempress Dawes - Addictive (Jock D Remix)
Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music (Wicked Mix)
21 East - Who You Lovin' Tonight (Club Remix)
George LaMond - Lately (Original Version)
Buffy - No One

Length : 18:11
Date   : 2012-05-13b4
Description: A quick casual practise mix to share, extending the mood of "Tempress Dawes - Addictive (Jock D Remix)".

2012-05-13b4 Freestyle Mixtape - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3
Download Link 1

下午我落車買東西, 老婆大人在車聽到...
黃昏, 她突然問我有沒有 Addictive (舊歌新Remix), 在車聽過好聽...
我話 Freestyle 野你又o岩? 
好,我更係吾只給她一隻歌咁簡單, 我用"Tempress Dawes - Addictive (Jock D Remix)" 起始再延續個mood做了這個隨手mix.