1987-10-A Mix (Live in Green Parrot Disco)

dj Richard Prado (Artimix)- 1987_10_A Mixtape (Live)

Edited on 2015.09.09 (Real Mixtape photos added)

Tracklist :
01. E.G. Daily - Love In The Shadows (12")
02. Philip Oakey - Good Bye Bad Time (12")
03. Michael Bow - Love & Devotion (12")
04. Stacy Q - We Connect (12")
05. Zahra Thustra - Magic Nights (12")
06. Electric Theatre - Ballet Dancer (12")
07. Electric Theatre - Killer (12")
08. Rofo - I Want You (cut)
09. Ross - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (cut)
10. Pseudo Echo - Funky Town (12")
11. Latin Lover - Casanova Action (12")
12. Madleen Kane - I'm No Angel (12")
13. Pamela Stanley - Coming Out Of Hiding (12")
14. Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do, Wherever I Go (12")

Length : 47:11
Year : 1987

Equipment used:
2 Technics Turntables & 1 basic mixer without cross fader.

Description :
Track 08, 09, 10 was a live "Showoff" session to amaze the audience (and to defend my ranking in their hearts) with my newly acquired "Quick Beat-matching Technique". I changed serveral records within one song's break in front of the crowd (and the disco manager). I moved the pitch control syncronizing the beat spontaneously while the track was already playing "on-air".

In the 80's, Beat-Sync seemed to be a hard-to-achieve technique for beginners. However, it was not difficult for a hard working dj who was mixing over a hundred songs every night....

當年間唔中 都要出下招 比 D 驚喜 給 斑熟客 及同事 看, 補住自己個 Ranking.

在 80年代, 夾beat在外行人和初學者眼中可能是很難的事.

其實對晚晚夾beat一百幾十次的勤力dj來說 因工多藝熟關係, 早已是很基本的"功"作.

今次是1987年10月某日 剛練成的招式叫 " 超快速 夾beat 大法 " .

一般mixing是在播放中的歌 的break位到 之前就要 夾好下一首歌的beat, cue 好位, 一到break位就要出街.

今次的 " 驚人" 演出是在一首歌的一個break位中先後夾三次beat, 入三次歌, 基本是表演break 位已到先放上唱碟, cue好位就出街, 出街先至夾beat, 出緊街同時調Technics盤的 Pitch Control.

當晚表演給圍著dj booth 的 Disco Manager, Assistant DJ / Light man, disco captain 及 客人 看. 看 到他們 "目定口呆" 的樣子 我很開心, 滿足晒我的表演慾. 80年代就是可以這麼簡單, I Like.


1987 Hot D. ClassX (Live)

1980's Hot D. Class-X by Dj Richard Prado Artimix on Mixcloud

dj Richard Prado - Hot D. ClassX (Live Mix at Green Parrot Disco 1987)

Tracklist :
Exude - Boys Just Wanna Have Sex (12")
Phylis Nelson - I Like You (12")
Kool & The Gang - Fresh (12")
Peter Brown - They Only Come Out At Night (12")
Marie Vidal - Body Rock (12")
Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me (12")
Thompson Twins - We Are Detectives (12")
Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (12")
Steve Miller Band - Abracadebra
The Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep (12")
Lime - Unexpected Lovers (12")
Trans X - Living On Video (Dutch Version)
Trio - Da Da Da (12")
Rocky M - Fly With Me To Wonderland (12")
Tapps - Hurricane (12")

Length : 47:30
Year : 1987
Note : Live recording in Green Parrot Disco in 1987. Mixed with 2 Technics turntables and 1 basic mixer. The mixer I was using had no cross fader, so less tool is more artistry.

Description : This is a live mix in Green Parrot Disco back in 1987. I personally love this mix very much, it has the essence of the 80's. It is very lively and has great energy in it - Live is Live, you know, after a few whisky shots.


1998 Asian Club Mix

Tracklist :
01. A Mosquito - Huang Fei Hong [Red Beat]
02. DJ Kobe - Matsuri (Ext. Mix) [Avex Asia]
03. DJ Sunda - Sunda Rhythm [Vmp]
04. DJ Sunda - Burung Kaka Tua (Acelaim Mix) [Vmp]
05. Mighty Katina - Pepito (Brass Mix) [VMP]
06. DJ Wai & Fancy Dj Union - Tea For Two Cha Cha [Respect]
07. Juliana Jean - I'm Still Loving You (Dream Version) [Avex Asia]
08. DJ Simon - H5n1 Disco (H5N1 Mix) [Respect]
09. Happy Nation - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [VMP]
10. Jamaster A - Jamaster A (Winky Jumpin' Mix) [Respect]
11. Nitro - Le Plasir [Beatfreak]

Length : 46:59
MIX DATE: MAY 4, 1998 (pm)

1998 Asian Club Mix (Live) - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3

Description :
Live mix with 2 CDJ500 and a basic mixer without crossfader.

This is a special edition
Happy Chinese New Year !


1986 For Sister Julie Mix 3 (2005 Remake)

dj Richard Prado - 20050918a For Julie Mix 3

01. Oh Romeo - These Memories #
02. Wow - Bring on the Men (12") #
03. OMD - Enola Gay (12" Remix)
04. Dorine Hollier - Tonight Crazy Night (12")
05. Madonna - Burning Up (12")
06. Billy Idol - White Wedding (Part I & II) (Shotgun Mix)
07. B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (Maxi)
08. Lipps Inc. - Designer Music (Extended)
09. Toto Coelo - I Eat Cannibals (97 Tango RMX)
10. Berlin - The Metro (Hot Tracks)
11. Barbie and the Kens - Just A Gigolo #

Length : 49:37
Year : 2005
# : Produced by Bobby O

Download link :
1986 For Sister Julie Mix 3 (2005 Remake) - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3

Description :
- My 4th elder sister called on 2005-09-18 and asked me is there anything to bring back to L.A. for 5th sister Julie. However, she already bought all things from Julie's wish list.
- Didn't know what to buy, I decided to do this CD mix to send her with all tracks she knows well and love....(I didn't know zshare or stuff like in 2005)...
- Tracklist and mix positions similar to a mixtape I done for Julie (My Sister) in 1986 with a few tracks that are newer remix version....
- All tracks I first listen from records she bought or KROQ radio mix show tapes she sent me from L.A. in the early 80's... {The Italo classic, "Gazebo - Masterpiece" was categoriesed as Alternative in L.A.}
- Live recording mixed with Virtual DJ 3 + Hercules DJ Console controller. You may hear short mute during "I Eat Cannibals" because at that time Virtual DJ 3 might mute the output for a second whenever I tune the EQ knob on the controller. Vritual DJ 4 fixed this problem. Virtual DJ is a very good program, actually one of the best program in the market today.

- 這個mix 的歌全部是我家姐 直接 / 簡接 教我聽的...
- 當年 1985 有餅同名 mixtape 失傳了 ...2005 再做這 mix CD 送給她, 有 d 歌係新remix...
- 她1982 年去L.A. 讀書, 我繼承了她全部黑膠碟....
- 她在 L.A. 錄 當地 KROQ radio station "non-stop" mix show 錄音帶給我.... "B-Mover - Nowhere Girl" 同 "Gazebo-Masterpiece (12")" "I'm Just A Gigolo" 是從這些帶 中 第1次聽.... {Italo Disco 在美國是 Alternative}




現在每晚看到蘇施黃做烹飪節目, 感覺很親切, 好像見番老朋友咁...

在80年代 每星期我都必定聽 "蘇施黃與楊震耀" 佢個節目放大量 Disco Dance 歌, Burning Up, These Memories, Bring On The Man, Vamos A La Player, Mandolay, ... etc.
再加埋 楊震耀 扮 何奇堅 做 "妙韻寄心聲" 很攪笑...
聽這個 mix 再想起 當年的 蘇施黃 真好feel...
These Memories, these memories, haunting me....



1986 For Sister Julie Mix 2

Tracklist :
Simon Marsh - Echoing Heart (12")
劉美君 - 最後一夜
Billie Jean - I Need You (12") **
Helicon - You See (12")
Fake - Frog In Spain (12")
Phil Grant - Hey Girl (12") *
Angie Care - Your Mind (12") *
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (Nunk Remix)
Ameli - New Romantic (12")
開心少女組 - 再不易忘記(Europe Mix)
Yazoo - Nobody's Diary (12")
Marx & Spenser - Stay (12" D. Version)
Dorine Hollier - Tonight, Crazy Night (12")
De Rouge - Nightlife Fashion (12") *
Posion No. 9 - Lay All Your Love On Me (12")
ABBA - Lay All Your Love On Me (LP)

Length : 46:53
Year : 1986

Description :
1986 年暑假, 師父 Peterson Wong借了幾隻黑膠12" 我返澳門練習 (有'*'的是Peterson借我用的,已歸還), 我家姐知我做Mix就要我加
"開心少女組" 的歌 , Frog In Spain, Nobody's Dairy (高難度) , Tonight Crazy Night. 所以這餅 Mixtape 就叫 "For Julie2".
Billie Jean - I Need You (12") ** 太正, Peterson 師父送了給我, 現與我同在, hee hee.
Mixed with 2 belt-drive turntables and a basic mixer. Live recording without editing.

1986 For Sister Julie Mix 2 - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3



1986 For Sister Julie Mix 1

1986 For Sister Julie Mix 1 - dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

01. Yazoo - Nobody's Diary (12") *
02. Marx & Spenser - Stay (12" D. Version)
03. Depeche Mode - Get The Balance Right (Combination Mix) *
04. Gazebo - Masterpiece (12") *
05. Punch - Love Me (12")
06. Roger Meno - My Love, Good-bye (12")
07. Europe - Give Me One Day (12" Dance Version)
08. Funny Face (12")
09. Gene Ramone - Romantic Face (12")
10. Ameli - New Romantic (12")
11. 開心少女組 - 再不易忘記(Europe Mix) *
12. Menage - Memory (12")
13. Telex - L'amour Toujours (Special Dance Mix)
14. Kraftwerk - Tour de France (12")

Length : 46:52
Year : 1986
Description : This was my mixing assignment back in 1986. When my sister knew I was going to do a mix for practise. She lent me some of her 12" and asked me to mix them for her... and this is it. Actually I learnt to love dance music from her, the 12" singles with '*' marked belonged to her.
Mixed in bedroom studio using 1 mixer and 2 different "non-standard' turntables. Belt drive, no cue button, pitch control is 5mm in diameter.

1986 For Sister Julie Mix 1 - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3



Peterson Italo Mix 1986

The legendary DJ Peterson came to visit me in my House in Macau in 1986. This is the tape he brought me as a gift. I always treat this tape as my treasure until now.

Two tracks recorded in this tape. One medley (P-Mix) by DJ Peterson, the other one named C-Mix, I bet this was mixed by his student DJ Cowboy. DJ Cowboy was also the remixer of later series of Remix-Megamix series.

P-Mix 1986

{The backing track @18:49 was also used in Remix-Megamix vol. 1}

C-Mix 1986

Also mixed with Tascam 4-Tracker.

Enjoy !

Peterson was using Amiga computer in 1986 which already had PCM sound...... while PC was using dump internal speaker..... to be continued....


Peterson Italo Medley 1985

The Legend Continues

Open reel tape recorder was cool but not very portable.

It was 1985, the legendary DJ Peterson was playing his new medley in Hot Wall Disco (Hong Kong) while he showed me his new gear:

I do not remember clearly it was a Tascam Porta-03 or Tascam 414.

Here is the medley he was playing:

Peterson Medley 1985



The legendary DJ / Remixer Peterson Wong Remixes 1984

Laura Brandegan - Self Control (Peterson Remix)

Alan Tam - I Like Chopin (Peterson Remix)
譚詠麟 - 我愛雀斑 (Peterson Remix)

The legendary Peterson Wong from Hong Kong was the remixer of Remix Mega-Mix vol. 1 and 2. He was also my teacher of mixing.

Remixed using Open Reel Tape Recorder and Echo machine.
In 1984, he had to use real blades to cut and edit tapes. Early "Cut & Paste" editing. I saw him doing that.

殿堂級 DJ / Remixer, Peterson Wong 黃子榮 之史前自家 remix.
1984 年用 Open Reel Tape Recorder 和 Echo 做 remix 的.
真係要用刀片 "剪" 錄音帶的!

Lo-Tech is still Cool !



Paradise Mix (A Quick 4 Tracker Mix) 1986

dj Richard Prado (Artimix) - Paradise Mix

Tracklist :
Lune de Miel - Paradise Mi Amour
Stravaganza - Hold Me On Your Heart
Primadonna - Angel You
Joy Peters - Don't Loose Your Heart Tonight
Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities
Animotion - I Engineer

Length : (8:32)
Year : 1986
Mixed using Tascam 2-4-6 four-tracker and 2 belt-drive turntables.

This is what I called a "Quick Mix" ... Just Do It style. My Mom went out for lunch and I took my Mom's 4-tracker to my bedroom and said to myself, "I have some time now, let me do something with this, yeah!"

dj Richard Prado (Artimix) - Paradise Mix



Artimix 4-Tracker Medleys 1980s

When I was a bedroom DJ / mobile party DJ in 1985.

Mixed using Tascam 2-4-6 Four-Tracker Recorder, 2 belt-drive turntables and Disco Robo.

Artimix 5 (1987)- dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Artimix 4 (1986)- dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Artimix 3 (1986)- dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Artimix 2 (1986)- dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Artimix 1 (Four-Tracks Medley 1985) - dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Thanks for listening...


Another DJ Challenge - Romantic Italo Mix for wife

Richard_Loves_Sonia Mix - dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Tracklist :

01. R un To Me (Extended Version) - Jim Player
02. I n Your Eyes (Soft Mix) - Reeds
03. C ircle In The Sand (Beach Party Mix) - Belinda Carlisle
04. H ey Girl (12") - Phil Grant
05. A ll For You (12") - Deborah Kinley
06. R ainy Day (RJP Restructure) - Brando
07. D o You (12") - Duke Lake

08. L ove Me Like I Do (Remix) - Robert Bravo
09. O riental Acupuncture (12") - Total Toly
10. V alentino Mon Amour (Extended) - Alan Ross
11. E verlasting Love (Razormaid) - Sandra
12. S moke Gets In Your Eyes (Italian / English RJP Edit) - Bonino

13. S tay (12" Original Mix) - Marx & Spencer
14. O riental Boy (Remix) - The Flirts
15. N eed Your Love (12") - Midnight Passion
16. I Cry For You (12") - Shy Ross
17. A lways On My Mind (Back To The Future Mix) - PSB vs Elvis

Length : 66:06
Date : 2008.12.14
Download link:
Richard_Loves_Sonia Mix - dj Richard Prado (Artimix)1b.mp3

Download 1

Download 2

Description :
Another challenge, a Romantic Mix for my wife Sonia.
Used first letter of each song title to spell "RICHARD LOVES SONIA".
Constraint on song selection while had to gain momentum and energy to lead listeners to where I wanted them to be
From "easy listening" building up to "hyper" in an hour time.
Mix tracklists traditionally are arranged either by BPM or by Key but this time I use song names to arrange.

可愛的老婆大人發現 Soft Mix for Jack 後, 她又要我為她做個mix, 要度身訂製, 唔可以交行貨, ...

用每首歌名先頭一個字母串成 "Richard Loves Sonia" ...

Another DJ Challenge.
這次難度是選曲有限制並要兼顧整個mix的舖排和氣氛 : 由輕柔感覺至情緒高漲 (氣勢要一路上升,不能打斷氣路,又不能減慢速度)...

做 Rainy Day 時 有feel 到, re-strucutre 番似 Artimix 3 中 唱完尾段先開始入過歌...
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 又想要 意大利文 又想要 英文, 卒之對埋一齊... 開頭部份是我edit 兩種語言的....


Big Pig - Breakaway (Artimix 如來神掌 Mix)

Big Pig - Breakaway (Artimix 如來神掌 Mix)