80's 90's Dance Classic Mixtape 20170721A

Tracklist :
張國榮 - 繼續跳舞 (Body Mix) [full length version]
Daft Punk - Around The World
Paul Parker - Tech-No-Logical World
草蜢 - 忘情森巴舞
Kaoma - Lambada (Extended Mix)
Belinda Carlisle - La Luna (Extended Dance Mix)
Samantha Fox - Love House (The Black Pyramid Mix)

Length : 29:27
Date   : 2017-07-21a
Rehearsed live mix unedited

Description :
Testing the newly acquired beginner level backup controller WeGo4 at home
Gear used for this mix : Pioneer WeGo4  + iPod + Djay Pro + Spot.f.

Facts :
Usually beginner level grade gears are harder to use than professional grade gears.
For example, the resolution of the jog-wheels of this controller are far less than it's professional brothers, moreover, Deejay Pro could not calibrate to match with it's resolution (Virtual DJ could).
So I have to adjust myself.

Conclusion :
Although this controller is beginner level grade, it is still good for dj mixing.
I like it.


My Home DJ Gear 2017

My Home DJ Gear 2017 ( Numark Mixdeck Quad on i7 16GB Touch notebook + Pioneer WeGo4 on iPod Touch )

6 Wheels setup composed of 2 vinyl turntables + 2 mp3 jogwheels + 2 Spotify jogwheels running on 2 Touch DJ softwares.

Any songs from any media inside the house and 20+ millions songs outside the house!

Playable medias include Vinyl, CD, USB drive, Harddisk, iPod and the unforgetable cassette tape.

Now I can play extremely long DJ sets! LOL

Finally arrived !
Spotify solution & Portable backup system.

Four DJ programs included, please note "Rekordbox DJ" is the flagship version of U.S.$129.00 value ! :)

Review & Video: Pioneer Rekordbox DJ Software

For best sound Line2 can be plugged via Sound Blaster USB and it could merge the DJay2 with VirtualDJ.
Simple setup will be just plug in the output of WeGo4 to line2 of console mixer.

Extend headphone jet to main console...

Headphone jet extended to main console, headphone can be switched among systems easily.
p.s. I don't use headphone at home, I use the 2 little speakers on the desk to monitor cues. :)

DJay2 reads BPM 104.9

Virtual DJ reads linein BPM 104.93 from DJay2 , can be sync with other Virtual DJ decks.

Spare aux / linein could plug in anything, ex. the unforgetable Cassette walkman. :)

This proprietary iPod line from Numark can retire now. :)

Played until late night.
I could play music non-stop for days literally ! LOL

Thank you!



2017-07-02A Blue Boy Remember Me Mixtape using iPod only

Mixed by Richard Aritmix
Trying to use only iPod to mix just for fun, still need some more practice :)

Tracklist :
Blue Boy - Remember Me (Original 12")
Blockhead - The Music Scene
Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
Kaminanda - Moonlight Tango
Jade - Don't Walk Away
Candi Staton - You Got The Love (EZ Earl Remix)

Length : 24:00
Date : 2017-07-02a

Thank you for listening, wish you enjoy this mix! :)