Artimix's Best Of 80's Freestyle Mix 3

[My Power 106 Demo Part 3]
The lighter side of Freestyle.
dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Tracklist ( *=Special edit for this mix) :
Noel - Silent Morning (12" Club Mix) *
Cynthia - Change On Me (Extended Mix) *
Noella - Lonely Days (Club Mix) *
Jellybean with India - Mirage (12" Remix)
Jellybean - Jingo (Fun House Mix)
Expose - Come Go With Me (Ultimix)
Bomb The Bass - Don't Make Me Wait
Latin Rascals - The Arabian Nights
Noel - Like A Child (12" Dance Mix)
Stevie B - Spring Love (Club Mix)
TKA - You Are The One (12" Extended Mix)
The Cover Girls - Because Of You (Original Version)
Stevie B - Dreaming Of Love (Mixx-it)
Jellybean - The Mexican (Short Version)
Sweet Sensation - Never Let You Go (Extended Remix)
Bomb The Bass - Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13)

Year : 2011
Length : 66:15
Version: v20110124B

About Freestyle :

My Power 96 mixtape from 1987 turned into powder form. I love that tape very much so I decided to make a mix with similar feel but in my own style...

This is already part 3 of the series and I want to do part 4 which will be Miami Bass. Amazing an 1 hour mixtape can be extended to 4 mixes...

Hope you'll like this mix!

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