Artimix 5 - dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

1987 mix using Tascam 2-4-6 four-track tape recorder and Teac Digital delay with 1 second sampler.

1987 Mixed with 4-Tracker tape recorder.
Brian Ice - Toyko (12")
E.G. Daily - Say It Say It
Pet Shop Boys - Was That What It Was
Mad Matrix - Man Alone
Pet Shop Boys - Love Come Quickly (Remix)
劉美君 - 最後一夜
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girl
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girl (Remix)
WHAM! - Everything She Wants
Joy - Touch By Touch {1 Beat only}
Roger Meno - I Find The Way (12")
Roger Meno - I Find The Way (A=P Mix)
Bobby O - I'm So Hot For You (Studio 54 Mix)
Yello - Pinball Cha Cha {Cut and back cue}
Alison Moyet - Is This Love {12" looped by edit}
Mad Matrix - Man Alone (Special Club Mix)
Vanilla - Paradise Mi Amor (12")
Roger Meno - What My Heart Wanna Say (12")
Silver Pozzoli - From You To Me {Melody only}
Mas Mix {Jingle only}
Max Mix {Bits & pieaces as outro}
Ken Laszlo - Don't Cry {Delay effect as outro}

Mix Year : 1987
Length : 19:05

Download Link (for a limited time only) :
Artimix 5 (1987) - dj Richard Prado (Artimix)_vol.mp3

1986 年我開始學人玩 Four-track tape recorder, 學識很多新野, 又在錯誤中學習
這部 Tascam 2-4-6 好多野學 :
- 當年 Disco mixer 多用 5-band graphic EQ, 呢部有21世紀流行的 3-band knob EQ, 中音EQ knob 多了一個環, 用來選擇 中音的 frequency.
- 另外可以用 Assign Effect 按鈕, 從 Artimix 第4輯時 家中多了部 Digital Delay with 1 second sampler.

Equipment used : Tascam 246 Porta-Studio 4-tracker, Teac Digital Delay, Disco Robo, 2 belt-drive turntables, all borrowed.
Tascam 246 and Teac Digital Delay belonged to my mom (she was using these before karaoke LD existed.)
Two belt drive turntables belonged to cousin and classmate, no stop button and pitch control is turing knob of half cm in diameter.
Disco Robo and San Shui amp belonged to my elder sister.
Mixer and vinyl records belong to me.

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