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MasterChef TV Show Season 2

Greetings from chef Giuseppe Morisco from FOX's TV show Masterchef Season 2.

What does Chef Giuseppe Morisco love to listen during leisure in Costa Rica?
This must-watch video has the answer for us.

Chef Giuseppe Morisco from FOX's TV show Masterchef Season 2 loves Italo Disco

Ciao Richard Artimix,
Hello from Costa Rica,
It's Chef Giuseppe Morisco from Masterchef Season 2 Fox and I'm still loving Italo Disco, so keep on rockin' !

MasterChef US Season 2 Episode 9

Watch chef Giuseppe Morisco @30:20

He loves this mix, already more than 200,000 plays!
Please Love 80's Italo Disco Again (22 songs in 15 minutes)

Why is Chef Giuseppe Morisco in Costa Rica?
Find out the answer at 01:38 from this video:

Kenmore Live Studio: MasterChef Season 2 Chicago Reunion - Giuseppe Mo

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Special thanks to Chef Giuseppe Morisco for his kind message.

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