1980's Miami Bass and Dirty South Mix - Richard Artimix

Last night.... after 2 rounds of drink...

...I need to spin 80's
1980's Miami Bass and Dirty South Mix - Richard Artimix

Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music
Egyptian Lover - Girls
Reggie Griffin & Technofunk - Mirda Rock
Egyptian Lover - The Dark Side of Egypt
Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt
Twilight 22 - Siberian Knights & Electric Kingdom (Ultimix)
Freestyle - The Party Has Just Begun
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
Salt N Peppa - Push It (Original Mix)
2 Live Crew - Pop That P-Ssy [Explicit]
2 Live Crew - Me So Horny
2 Live Crew - We Want Some Pussy (German Long Hard Mix)
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back (Ultimix)
2 Live Crew - Pretty Woman
Wild Boys - Pussy Thang
Gucci Crew II - Sally (That Girl)

Length : 65:31
Date : 2014-05-23a


How does Luke Skywalker relate to the Joker?

I would have never guessed.

Mark Richard Hamill was great in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker and about 15 years later he truly joined the dark side when he took on the role of the Joker (voice).

演星球大戰天行者的那個演員 Mark Richard Hamill 十五年後做了配音員,而且為蝙蝠俠卡通片裡面小丑角色配音.

The Joker: Mark Hamill

Making Batman: Arkham City - Voice Cast


My pair of Pioneer CDJ-500 still working

My pair of Pioneer CDJ-500 are still in my study and they are working well.
Saw a video today that the CDJ-500 was introduced in October 1994 but I think I bought them earlier than 1994...
They don't have vinyl mode, when cueing CDs, the sound you here is frame-by-frame, like "but but but but", "tick tick tick tick".

Photo here to share.

Pioneer DJ History Part One - The Evolution of the CDJ


Retro Evolution Mix 23

Laid-back practice mix on mother's day. Contains Retro tracks and latest tracks
I love this mix very much and would like to share with you.
Mixed by Richard Artimix ft. Chillfader

TLC - Creep (Original) [1980's]
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dog - Nuttin But A G Thang [1990's]
Eric B and Rakim - Paid In Full (Demo Re-Rub) [1980's]
Eric B and Rakim - Paid In Full (Classy Mix) [1980's]
Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up (Original 12 Inch Mix) [1990's]
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (Instrumental) [1990's]
Carl Carlton - Everlasting Love (The GlickMix Edit) [1970's]
Jesse McCartney - Superbad (Radio Edit) [2014-May]
Katy Perry - Birthday (Mark Picchiotti BASSTOY Remix) [2014]
Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (MFM Mix) [2013]
Information Society - Running 2K14 (Eric Kupper Mix) [2014]
Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Alex Gaudino Remix) [2014]
Beyonce - XO (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) [2014]

Length : 52:02
Date : 2014-05-11a

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Retro Evolution Mix 23 - Richard Artimix ft. Chillfader.mp3