Techno Pop Auto Mix vol. 1 v1 (Lazy mix by TheRobots)

Although this mix was mixed by machine, it is still very relaxing and enjoyable for humans ! :)

Tracklist :
Art Of Noise - Beat Box (One Made Earlier)
Art Of Noise - Close To The Edge
Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak
Kraftwerk - Musique non Stop
Kraftwerk - Techno Pop
Art Of Noise - Diversions 5
Art Of Noise - From Science To Silence (Radio 1 Session)
Kraftwerk - The Robots
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Bee Bop (Don't Stop)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Rebop (Jazz Electro Mix)

Length : 43:10
Date : 2017-01-31

Description :
The idea is to record my playlist from Sp.t.f. (which they don't recommend).
Auto mix by DJay Pro in iPod.


MegaBass 3 - 3. Echos in the Dark (mixed by The Mastermixers)

The Mastermixers are Martin Smith, Darren Ash, Andy Pickles, Ian Morgan
Latin Freestyle Mix

Tracklist :
Monet - Do You Remember
Shannon - Let The Music Play
Monet - Come On To Me
Shannon - Give Me Tonight
Cameo - Word Up (Sample)
Music Factory - Situation
Frank K - Everybody Lets Somebody Love
Urban Soul - Alright
Declaration - Declaration
Collapse - My Love
Orbital - Chime
Hamilton Bomannon - Let's Start II Dance Again
High On Life - Good Times
Rosa - Fire

Length : 10:51
Year: 1991


MEGABASS 1 - 03. After Dark At The Edge Of Chaos (Mixed by Darren Ash and Martin Smith)

Tracklist :

Technotronic feat. Felly - Pump Up The Jam (Vocal Attack)
Freestyle Orchestra feat. D'borah - Keep On Pumpin' It Up
Frankie Bones - Call It Techno
Inner City feat. Kevin Saunderson - Big Fun (Club Remix)
Lake Eerie - Sex 4 Daze (Kings Highway Club Break)
Mr. Lee - Get Busy (Club Mix)
White Boy Mike - Something To Dance To
Black Box - Ride On Time (Massive Mix)
Royal House - I Can't Quite Understand (Megamix)
Richie Rich Meets The Jungle Bros - I'll House You (The Gee St Reconstruction)
Jomanda - Make My Body Rock (Supremely Clubbed)
Two Girls - Talk About Rockin'  (Get Wild Beats)
Kym Mazelle - Useless (Don't Need You Now)
Mr. Lee - Pump That Body (Club Mix)
Technotronic feat. MC Eric - This Beat Is Technotronic (Alaska Mix)
Tony Scott - Get Into It
Bizz Nizz - Don't Miss The Partyline (Shea Stadium Mix)
M.D. Emm and Nash - Get Hip To This (Frankie Bones Manic Mix)

Length : 10:08
Year : 1990


MEGABASS 1 - 2. Get Down To The Funky Beat (mixed by Dorren Ash and Martin Smith)

Track list :
Beats Internation featuring Lindy - Dub Be Good To Me
Izit - Stories (Stories Mix)
Commander Shad - Come Back Fresh
Simon Harris - Don't Stop The Music (Critical Club Mix)
Jam Jam - Don't Look Any Further
Emma Haywoode - Need Your Lovin'
Princess Ivori - Wanted (Club It '90 Mix)
Chad Jackson - Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked)
Kid 'N' Play - Do This My Way
Mantronix featuring Wondress - Got To Have Your Love (Club Mix)
Power Jam featuring Chill Rob G - The Power
De La Soul - Say No Go (Say No Dope Mix)
Bomb The Bass - Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13)
Simon Harris - Bass (How Low Can You Go) (Bass Below Zero Remix)
Rob N' Raz featuring Leila K - Got To Get

Length : 11:57
Year : 1990


Artimix 4 - dj Richard Prado (Artimix) 1987 January

My first post here in 2017 January is my mix from 1987 January.

Date : 1987 January

Gear used : Tascam 4-track tape recorder, Tascam Delay with 1 sec. sampler, Disco Robo, 2 belt-drive turntables, etc.

Length : 23:06 (Double speed /half time of TDK MA-90)

Tracklist :
More than 50 songs used in this medley :

Highlights :
09:02 - 用了 兩組 的 dog barking effect 在 You Want An Illusion {因我意為她唱Son Of Bitch o麻} , 是用 Disco Robo 的 Pitch Control 教位.

09:49 - Do You Really Need Me + Hey Hey Guy + Freedom {請留意鼓接鼓聲}

21:11 - Funny Face + Romantic Face + Masterpiece ...{not enough tape, has to stop at highs.}

Effects vinyl : Effect 黑膠幾佰銀太貴, 在 節拍 租幾日錄落錄音帶, 做這mix時利用Disco Robo 的 pitch control 配時間.

Other mixes as ingredients used :
Intro2 from Hocked On Classics
Italo Boot Mix 6
Raoul Holiday Mix