2022-09-25A LT Party - Saved Your Tears (Mixed by Richard Artimix)

 This mix can well define my current dj style,

- Newer songs (around 1 year old)

- Latin songs

- Parts from my 80s,90s playlists

- Latest Live Stem Mixing

The Weeknd, Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Remix) (Intro Clean)
Marshmello, Jonas Brothers - Leave Before You Love Me (Intro)
The Police vs. Snow Patrol - Every Car You Chase
Vera - Love Comes Easy (Extended Remix)
Ameli - New Romantic
Rodrigo Ace - Last Christmas (Radio Edit Bachata Version)
Sandro Nyc, Andy Mambo - Pepas Mambo Urbano (Main)

Length : 23:52
Date : 2022-09-25A
Description :

A) Live Stem Mixing :
有關 Live 玩 Stem,無意中live撞出可以咁玩法,與大家分享!
請聽聽以上mix, New Romantic 出 Last Christmas 個位 ~17:43
大家應該很熟悉 New Romantic 這 break 位是有人聲的 (17:43) (下面有youtube link)
mix 入 Last Christmas (Bachata version) 32拍
New Romantic 頭24拍只關掉 vocal, 保留hamony, chorus, beat
New Romantic 之後8拍只保留 beat.

B) 迷失自我:
早幾年Latin Party 只想打同年 DJ Pool download 嘅最新拉丁新歌
新歌喺Club度打就得 但係喺party打就唔係好掂.
打party要打起碼一歲嘅歌 d人先會有共鳴! (Not a good time for trying to “educate” the crowd.)
咁就大家都開心晒! :)


Save Your Tears, 
Last Christmas (Bachata),
Don't You Want Me (2021 Purple Disco Machine Remix)
今年打番! 很開心! :)

今年唯一能打到90% 的 Mini Playlist, 因今年成晚點 Bachata, 這playlist 好在有 Last Christmas (Bachata Version) 做出口續打其他幾首 Bachata! :)

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2022-12-18a Remake of 2022 Latin Festival Warm Up Set (mixed by Richard Artimix)

After these 5 years playing for the Latin Music Festival in Macau, my dj style is evolving...
This mix displays my current mini-playlist strategy of balancing Latin and Non-Latin, Newer and Older songs! :)

Richard Artimix your Retro friend brings you on a journey back and forth 2020s and 1980s with a Latin vibe.
Live remake of my Warmup Set this year (2022) at the Latin Wine & Music Festival


Emilia, Nicki Nicole - Intoxicao 2022

Imagination - Body Talk (Extended Version) 1981

Mayer Hawthorne - Someone Like You (The Paradise Garage Mix) 2022

Bee Gees, SG Lewis - More Than A Woman (SG's Paradise Edit) 2021

Chesca, Pitbull, Frankie Valli - Te Quiero Baby  I Love You Baby (Intro) 2021

Altered Images - Don't Talk to Me About Love (Cuban Version) 2022

Frederick Knight - Let Me Ring Your Bell Again! 1981

PillowTalk - Sunny (Original Mix) 2012

Length : 30:51

Date    : 20221218a


This year I think I had overly prepared, around 10 *mini-playlists for this year's party (I prepared just 4 mini-playlists in 2020) and switching string of songs from inside those playlists. One of the reasons is that I added 2 Live-Sport-Stadium-Concert style mini-playlists to cope with FIFA match on same night.

*mini-playlists : As DigitalDJTips is calling them in 2022. In the 1980's we vinyl DJs called them "small-programs", this year DJ Jazzy Jeff unveals he called them 'sandwiches'!