1987-10-A Mix (Live in Green Parrot Disco)

dj Richard Prado (Artimix)- 1987_10_A Mixtape (Live)

Edited on 2015.09.09 (Real Mixtape photos added)

Tracklist :
01. E.G. Daily - Love In The Shadows (12")
02. Philip Oakey - Good Bye Bad Time (12")
03. Michael Bow - Love & Devotion (12")
04. Stacy Q - We Connect (12")
05. Zahra Thustra - Magic Nights (12")
06. Electric Theatre - Ballet Dancer (12")
07. Electric Theatre - Killer (12")
08. Rofo - I Want You (cut)
09. Ross - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (cut)
10. Pseudo Echo - Funky Town (12")
11. Latin Lover - Casanova Action (12")
12. Madleen Kane - I'm No Angel (12")
13. Pamela Stanley - Coming Out Of Hiding (12")
14. Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do, Wherever I Go (12")

Length : 47:11
Year : 1987

Equipment used:
2 Technics Turntables & 1 basic mixer without cross fader.

Description :
Track 08, 09, 10 was a live "Showoff" session to amaze the audience (and to defend my ranking in their hearts) with my newly acquired "Quick Beat-matching Technique". I changed serveral records within one song's break in front of the crowd (and the disco manager). I moved the pitch control syncronizing the beat spontaneously while the track was already playing "on-air".

In the 80's, Beat-Sync seemed to be a hard-to-achieve technique for beginners. However, it was not difficult for a hard working dj who was mixing over a hundred songs every night....

當年間唔中 都要出下招 比 D 驚喜 給 斑熟客 及同事 看, 補住自己個 Ranking.

在 80年代, 夾beat在外行人和初學者眼中可能是很難的事.

其實對晚晚夾beat一百幾十次的勤力dj來說 因工多藝熟關係, 早已是很基本的"功"作.

今次是1987年10月某日 剛練成的招式叫 " 超快速 夾beat 大法 " .

一般mixing是在播放中的歌 的break位到 之前就要 夾好下一首歌的beat, cue 好位, 一到break位就要出街.

今次的 " 驚人" 演出是在一首歌的一個break位中先後夾三次beat, 入三次歌, 基本是表演break 位已到先放上唱碟, cue好位就出街, 出街先至夾beat, 出緊街同時調Technics盤的 Pitch Control.

當晚表演給圍著dj booth 的 Disco Manager, Assistant DJ / Light man, disco captain 及 客人 看. 看 到他們 "目定口呆" 的樣子 我很開心, 滿足晒我的表演慾. 80年代就是可以這麼簡單, I Like.

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