My DJ Gears & Prototypes 1980's - 2000's

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* Tascam 246 Portastudio four-track

Human Demo (Edit Prototype) 1986

Human Demo (Edit Prototype) 1986 - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3

陳百強 - 每當想起你 (Edit Prototype)

Danny Chan - Whenever I Think Of You (Edit Prototype) 1986.mp3

陳百強 - 每當想起你 (Gay Downtempo Prototype)

Danny Chan - Whenever I Think Of You (Downtempo Prototype) 1986.mp3

* Fostex XR-7 four-track + Pioneer CDJ-500

Stay Progressive (Mix Prototype) 1997

Stay Progressive (Mix Prototype) 1997 - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3

"Destructive editing" {record & overwrite previous work with new work}
"Linear editing"
I personally love this mix very much but due to two little careless mistakes which I could not roll back to fix under the so call "Destructive editing" mechanism, I had to stop again to think for the right tool.

"Non-destructive editing"
"Non-linear editing"
* Innovative Quality Software - Software Audio Workshop (SAW)
I wanted to try out computer sequencer software which could give me the "Non-destructive editing" and "Non-linear editing" capabilities I needed.
My friend gave me a trial copy of SAW. However, all my new hardwares seemed not ready for that :
- My new PC with 386 CPU seemed not powerful enough for the job;
- Taiwan soundcard could not handle multi-track and I was not able to mail a Turtle Beach Soundcard to Macau. (Sound Blaster Live with EMU10k chipset not existed in the market yet);
- Hard disk drive with 5,600 RPM was rare, nowhere I could find one in Macau, the shop keeper asked me to try to get SCSI hard disk drives from Hong Kong which had a ridicules price tag.
So I had to wait again...

With the advancement in technology and price were going down with hardwares, I finally could try out computer editor / sequencer softwares.
* Sonic Foundary - Acid Pro 2.0 + Cool Edit Pro

Stay Progressive (Digital Remake Prototype) 1999 - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3

I tried to test Acid Pro 2.0 with something I already had in mind, see how fast I can pick up the new software and remake something I'd done before but with a new tool.

陳寶珠 - 女殺手 (DJ Prototype)

Chan Bo Chu - Lady Killer (Artimix Prototype) 1999.mp3
Just before I could start to remix this track, my study-studio had to be renovated. I could not start this project so I put my ideas in this "DJ Prototype" hoping other DJs friend could finish the remix for me...

* Virtual DJ + Hercules DJ Console

* Sony Acid 6 Express v.s. Reaper 1.0

* Mix Meister Fusion
"Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)"

* Ableton Live + Akai MPD32

上海灘- DJ Artimix 1st Jamming with MPD32

... to be continued.

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