80's Latino Italo Dance Mix (Live) 2005

80's Latino Italo Dance Mix (Live) 2005

dj Richard Prado - 20050918 Practise Mix (Live)

Tracklist :
Gloria Gaynor - Yo Vivire (I Will Survive)
Ivan - Fotonovela (7 Inch)
Sheryl Lee Ralph - In the evening (12' Bugfree Version)
Deodato - S.O.S. Fire In The Sky (Special 12'' Disarma Mix)
Larry Day - Fashion Girl
Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour (Extended)
Mike Cannon - Voices In The Dark (12")
Get Flash - Beautiful Night (12")
Marx & Spencer - Stay (Orig Ext Version)
Humphrey - Devil Love (Passion In The Dark)
Flirts - Danger (Original)
Girly - Working Girl (12")
Latin Lover - Casanova Action (Extended Remix'87)
Kroma - Sexy Films
Laid Back - High Society Girl (Extended Mix)
Pet Shop Boys - Rent (12 Inch Vinyl Extended Mix)
Rofo - Sweet Conversation
K. Barre - Right By The Moon (12")
Tony Basil - Suspense (Extended Remix)

Length : 75:51
Year : 2005.09.18
Equipement : Virtual DJ + Hercules DJ Console (Live)
Editor : Reaper 1.0
Edit : v2008.02.08E1 (minor edit)

Download :
20050918 Practise Mix (Live) v20090208E1 - dj Richard Prado.mp3

Description :
I was not in a good mood one day, I pressed the record button and mixed songs up with mix positions I had never used before.
My mind had to focus on the mix and this let me escaped from reality for an hour...

This was a home practise session, "mix impromptu", exploring new mix positions, often the results have good and bad surprises.

I did a minor fix in it and I think this mix is worth sharing...

I found this mix a few days ago, I listened to it and I think I have transformed my feelings and recorded in it also...
I can "hear" how my feeling changed in the mix, bad mood from "Yo Vivire" to "S.O.S. Fire In The Sky", try to cheer up during "Fashion Girl" to "High Society Girl ". However, my mood went down again start from "Rent" till "Suspense".

Live mix can reflect the DJ's feeling.


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