Another DJ Challenge - Romantic Italo Mix for wife

Richard_Loves_Sonia Mix - dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Tracklist :

01. R un To Me (Extended Version) - Jim Player
02. I n Your Eyes (Soft Mix) - Reeds
03. C ircle In The Sand (Beach Party Mix) - Belinda Carlisle
04. H ey Girl (12") - Phil Grant
05. A ll For You (12") - Deborah Kinley
06. R ainy Day (RJP Restructure) - Brando
07. D o You (12") - Duke Lake

08. L ove Me Like I Do (Remix) - Robert Bravo
09. O riental Acupuncture (12") - Total Toly
10. V alentino Mon Amour (Extended) - Alan Ross
11. E verlasting Love (Razormaid) - Sandra
12. S moke Gets In Your Eyes (Italian / English RJP Edit) - Bonino

13. S tay (12" Original Mix) - Marx & Spencer
14. O riental Boy (Remix) - The Flirts
15. N eed Your Love (12") - Midnight Passion
16. I Cry For You (12") - Shy Ross
17. A lways On My Mind (Back To The Future Mix) - PSB vs Elvis

Length : 66:06
Date : 2008.12.14
Download link:
Richard_Loves_Sonia Mix - dj Richard Prado (Artimix)1b.mp3

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Description :
Another challenge, a Romantic Mix for my wife Sonia.
Used first letter of each song title to spell "RICHARD LOVES SONIA".
Constraint on song selection while had to gain momentum and energy to lead listeners to where I wanted them to be
From "easy listening" building up to "hyper" in an hour time.
Mix tracklists traditionally are arranged either by BPM or by Key but this time I use song names to arrange.

可愛的老婆大人發現 Soft Mix for Jack 後, 她又要我為她做個mix, 要度身訂製, 唔可以交行貨, ...

用每首歌名先頭一個字母串成 "Richard Loves Sonia" ...

Another DJ Challenge.
這次難度是選曲有限制並要兼顧整個mix的舖排和氣氛 : 由輕柔感覺至情緒高漲 (氣勢要一路上升,不能打斷氣路,又不能減慢速度)...

做 Rainy Day 時 有feel 到, re-strucutre 番似 Artimix 3 中 唱完尾段先開始入過歌...
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 又想要 意大利文 又想要 英文, 卒之對埋一齊... 開頭部份是我edit 兩種語言的....


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Unknown said...

a very nice mix. the quality is good as that of the medley mixed by Peterson in his debutted Remix Megamix Vol. 1. But it is a pity that "Pillow Talk" was not picked.