1986 For Sister Julie Mix 3 (2005 Remake)

dj Richard Prado - 20050918a For Julie Mix 3

01. Oh Romeo - These Memories #
02. Wow - Bring on the Men (12") #
03. OMD - Enola Gay (12" Remix)
04. Dorine Hollier - Tonight Crazy Night (12")
05. Madonna - Burning Up (12")
06. Billy Idol - White Wedding (Part I & II) (Shotgun Mix)
07. B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (Maxi)
08. Lipps Inc. - Designer Music (Extended)
09. Toto Coelo - I Eat Cannibals (97 Tango RMX)
10. Berlin - The Metro (Hot Tracks)
11. Barbie and the Kens - Just A Gigolo #

Length : 49:37
Year : 2005
# : Produced by Bobby O

Download link :
1986 For Sister Julie Mix 3 (2005 Remake) - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3

Description :
- My 4th elder sister called on 2005-09-18 and asked me is there anything to bring back to L.A. for 5th sister Julie. However, she already bought all things from Julie's wish list.
- Didn't know what to buy, I decided to do this CD mix to send her with all tracks she knows well and love....(I didn't know zshare or stuff like in 2005)...
- Tracklist and mix positions similar to a mixtape I done for Julie (My Sister) in 1986 with a few tracks that are newer remix version....
- All tracks I first listen from records she bought or KROQ radio mix show tapes she sent me from L.A. in the early 80's... {The Italo classic, "Gazebo - Masterpiece" was categoriesed as Alternative in L.A.}
- Live recording mixed with Virtual DJ 3 + Hercules DJ Console controller. You may hear short mute during "I Eat Cannibals" because at that time Virtual DJ 3 might mute the output for a second whenever I tune the EQ knob on the controller. Vritual DJ 4 fixed this problem. Virtual DJ is a very good program, actually one of the best program in the market today.

- 這個mix 的歌全部是我家姐 直接 / 簡接 教我聽的...
- 當年 1985 有餅同名 mixtape 失傳了 ...2005 再做這 mix CD 送給她, 有 d 歌係新remix...
- 她1982 年去L.A. 讀書, 我繼承了她全部黑膠碟....
- 她在 L.A. 錄 當地 KROQ radio station "non-stop" mix show 錄音帶給我.... "B-Mover - Nowhere Girl" 同 "Gazebo-Masterpiece (12")" "I'm Just A Gigolo" 是從這些帶 中 第1次聽.... {Italo Disco 在美國是 Alternative}




現在每晚看到蘇施黃做烹飪節目, 感覺很親切, 好像見番老朋友咁...

在80年代 每星期我都必定聽 "蘇施黃與楊震耀" 佢個節目放大量 Disco Dance 歌, Burning Up, These Memories, Bring On The Man, Vamos A La Player, Mandolay, ... etc.
再加埋 楊震耀 扮 何奇堅 做 "妙韻寄心聲" 很攪笑...
聽這個 mix 再想起 當年的 蘇施黃 真好feel...
These Memories, these memories, haunting me....


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Unknown said...

I think Suzie Wong was the first one playing Madonna in radio. By then Madonna was only an underground disco singer.