Please Love Italo Disco

Please Love Italo Disco

Updated to :
Please Love 80's Italo Again

*Part 1
Rose - Magic Carillion (12") [9A]
Savage - Only You (Extended Remix) [8A]
Valerie Dore - Get Closer (12") [9A]
Creative Connection - Scratch My Name (12") [9A]
Modern Talking - You Can Win If You Want (Special Dance Mix) [10A]
*Part 2
Luca Coveri - Do It Again (Extended Remix) [9A]
Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion (12") [9A]
KB Caps - Do You Really Need Me (Dub Instrumental) [8A]
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (Nunk Remix) [8A]
Humphrey - Devil Love (Passion In The Dark) (12") [8A]
Marx & Spencer - Stay (Matiz Remix) [9A]
Joe Yellow - Lover To Lover (For Sale) (12") [10A]
*Part 3
Marx & Spencer - Stay (Matiz Remix) [9A, as base track]
-Sabrina - Boys Boys Boys (12") [9A]
-Gazebo - Lunatic (Extended Mix) [8A]
-Gary Low - I Want You (12") [10A]
-Duke Lake - Do You (12") [10A]
-Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine (12") [9A]
-Phil Grant - Hey Girl (Vocal Version) [8A]
-Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (12") [8A]
*Part 4
Fancy - Flames Of Love (12" Ext.) [9A]
Rocky M. - Fly With Me To Wonderland (Extended Mix) [8A]

Length: 14:01

This mix is seen as a whole and has an 80’s medley structure which consists of 4 main parts:
*Part 1 – Building up (00:01 to 05:26) : simple beat mix at first, then medley positions, a little bridge at 04:20 with harmonic mixing 3 tracks together.
*Part 2 – Fresh & Loving feeling (05:26 to 07:58) : a simple fade chop here is enough, doesn’t have to be sophisticated in everywhere. Mood is king.
*Part 3 – Taking Off (07:58 to 11:55) : speed up; gained enough momentum to take off; base track technique to quick show big Italo tunes; a quick break down (at 11:00 to 11:19) and building up.
*Part 4 – Over the world (11:55 to 14:01) : touching tunes to wrap up, extending the loving feeling, haunting the audience and wanting them to listen again.

1980's DJ Beat Mixing & Multi-track Recorder
1990's Computer Editing
2000's Harmonic Mixing
2010's Mood Mixing

This mix is all of the above:
1) Contains mix positions from my 1980's 4-tracker mix;
2) Used computer for edits;
3) Perfectly Harmonic mixing, see Camelot key code in track list;
4) Mood Mixing technique used.


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