Mixtape 1998-03A Underground Live Mix [Arabesc]

1. DJ Quicksilver - Arabesc
2. Eternal Bliss - Indian Magic
3. DJ Gosh - Kuja (Asia Mix) [Dance Pollution]
4. Joosy - Indian Power (Digital Life Mix) [VMP]
5. Murphy D-2 - Beli Bala (D-2 vs G.T. Mix) [Respect]
6. Oxid - Heaven (Star Mix)
7. Jamaster A - Jamaster A (Winky Jumpin' Mix) [Respect]

Length : 31:35
Mix Date: March 1998
Note : Unrehearsed Live Unedited Mix, Underground, warmup session.
May encounter some strange noise at the end in this recording because this mixtape was recorded to wav file during 1990's using 386PC with a primitive sound card and slow hard disk.

1998_03A Underground Live Mix [Arabesc] - dj Richard Prado (Artimix).mp3


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