Galaxy Mix volume1 (The Moon)

中秋節快樂 !
Happy Moon Festival !

Time : 84:54
Year : 2008
Note : This mix is about mood programming, a journey to the Moon, the Galaxy and the Universe. I did this mix for people to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival.
一個以月亮和宇宙為主題的Mix, 中秋節一邊賞月一邊聽最適合.

Description :
I have no discrimination of any kind about music, no matter of it's style or language.
This mix consists of songs from different countries and languages: China(Mandarin, Cantonese, Tibetan), U.S. & U.K.(English), Portugal, Japan, Italy, France and Germany.
I love all music as long as they are produced with heart.
我對音樂沒有語言/種族歧視, 這個Mix 包括了不同國家及語言... 中(普通話,粵語,西藏語),英,葡,日,意,法,德.


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