1986 - Artimix 4 (4-tracker Medley)

Mix Year : 1986
Equipment used : Tascam 246 Porta-Studio 4-tracker, Teac Digital Delay, Disco Robo, 2 belt-drive turntables, all borrowed.
Tascam 246 and Teac Digital Delay belonged to my mom (she was using these before karaoke LD existed.)
Two belt drive turntables belonged to cousin and classmate, no stop button and pitch control is turing knob of half cm in diameter.
Disco Robo and San Shui amp belonged to my elder sister.
Mixer and records belonged to me.

Quick Description:
Using Four-tracker : linear, destructive editing... :(
Double speed (of TDK Metal 90 minutes tape)is 22.5 minutes, not enough tape at the end...

Highlights :
09:02 - 2 sets of dog barking effects in "You Want An Illusion" used. That effect vinyl was too expensive, I rented from Beat Records (節拍) and recorded to tape. I then mixed the effect using Disco Robo's pitch control and echo!
09:49 - Do You Really Need Me + Hey Hey Guy + Freedom {請留意鼓接鼓聲}
21:11 - Funny Face + Romantic Face + Masterpiece ...{not enough tape, has to stop at the high.}

Bits & Pieces from other medleys used :
Intro2 from Hocked On Classics
Italo Boot Mix 6
Raoul Holiday Mix


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