DJ Tiesto today can see DJ Richard Artimix 10 years ago

I'm very excited today to watch the launch of the commercial featuring DJ Tiësto of Acer Ultrabook + Virtual DJ.

Yes, you read it correctly, Virtual DJ LE with dedicated touch interface is pre-installed in every Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook.

2013-05-10 Acer Tablet + Virtual DJ + DJ Tiësto

I'm extremely excited because since 2003 I was already using Acer Tablet with Virtual DJ and today someone out there can see my point of view!

2002-11-07 Bill Gates and his favorite gear - Acer Tablet C111 Ti

2003-09-23 Richard acquired his new gears : Acer Tablet C111 Ti + Virtual DJ + Hercules DJ Console

Acer Tablet PC + Virtual DJ + DJ Richard Artimix

Bonus video:
My Tablet PC Dance

Acer presents Superstar DJ behind the scenes ;

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