Heart Of Richard Artimix Volume 3 (80's Super Long Mix)


這個mix 需要細味品嚐, 它勾畫出80年代青年人在愛情路上的迷茫和患得患失的感覺...


I would like to create a mix that can cause an aftertaste. However, this aftertaste does not meant to be sweet ... 
This mix reveals how 80's youngsters might filled with anxiety about the uncertainties of their love affairs...
Let's get our journey started!

Heart Of Richard Artimix Volume 3 (Super Long Mix)


01. Intro
02. Toni Basil – Suspense (Club Version)
03. Sheena Easton - Telephone (Espanol Version)
04. Sheena Easton - Telephone (Long Distance Love Affair) (English Version)
05. Melissa Manchester - Thief Of Hearts (12")
06. Laid Back - High Society Girl (12" Extended)
07. Mo - Asia (12" Extended)
08. Ciji Summer - Ninja Boy (12" Original)
09. Eve - Take A Little Chance (12" Original)
10. Elaine Charles - Stranded (Remix)

Length : 43:51
Date : 2013-08-01

02. Toni Basil - Suspense (Extended Remix)
It's eleven twenty-eight
Caesar's on the Strip, that's where he said to be
He's forty minutes late
Did they get to him before he got to me?

Maybe this is him slipping out of the shadows
I wanna run but now his hand's on my shoulder, oh oh

Tangled up in a mystery
Because I love the chill, the thrill of living dangerously
I live for suspense!
I love the rush of adrenalin
Oh, life is never hum-drum, there's always some suspense

The roulette will spin
I know I'm being watched, I feel his icy glance
That's the truth with him
But Vegas is so big, he could be anywhere

04. Sheena Easton - Telephone (Long Distance Love Affair)
long long distance love affair, i can't find you anywhere
i call you on the telefone, but you're never home
i gotta get a message to you, i wanna tell you what i'm going through
what in the world's comin' over you
How come you're acting like a total stranger
i try to reach you but i can't get through
i got this feeling that my heart's in danger
i got your letter it was perfectly clear
havin' a ball, and wishin' you are here

05. Melissa Manchester - Thief Of Hearts (12")
Somewhere deep inside of a stranger's eyes
There are stranger things I see
Shades of light on a secret part of me
Living in the shadows hiding from my life
I was waiting for a dream
Now a perfect stranger fills my needs
Thief Of Hearts
Stole my heart from me
Thief Of Hearts
Better than a dream
The Theif Of Hearts
When I think about my soul
All the secrets that you stole
Then I know that I've just got to let you go
I gotta let you go!

06. Laid Back - High Society Girl (12" Extended)
Can't stand waitin',
can't still waitin' on you,
can't stand waitin', waitin' on you.
You got to let me know,
are you serious about it,
you got to let me know,
can I count on you ?

07. Mo - Asia (12" Extended)
Did you ever hear about the girls in China?
Did you ever listen to a tin drum?
Miraculous mandarin the man from the east sings a song about a Cantonese boy
I am here but I can feel the yellow magic of the rising sun

I've never traveled far from Europe
Can't spare the money nor the time
The only oriental things I know
I've learned from listening to the radio


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One of my favorite track from Toni Basil but I think it has been much overlooked.

Toni Basil - Suspense (The Music Video)

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