Retro Evolution Mix vol. 22

I know you're gonna dig this!

I have spent great effort to put together this 80's style mix for you, however you may not believe that all tracks in here are new tracks from 2013.
Please have a listen and you will find that every song here in this mix can be related to some 80's sound in your heart.

If you listen them separately you won't have this kind of feelings.
This happened because of the effort I spent in song selection and presentation.


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Retro Evolution Mix vol. 22 - Richard Artimix

2013 Dance Trax for 80's Music Lovers

Retro Evolution Mix vol. 22 - Richard Artimix

Lisa Richards - Beating of the Sun (Flight School Nurses Remix)
Cowgirl Radio - Slip Away (Fuzzion Remix)
Dionigi - Romance In Venice (Original Mix)
DJ Mayor & Jax Noise - Lords of the Hiphop
Ray Guell - Haunting Visions (Freestyle Mix 2013 by Lazaro Franco)
Katy Perry - Walking On Air (Country Club Martini Crew 1992 Dub)
Asher Monroe - Hush Hush (Ralphi Rosario Big Mix)
Melynda Be Joys - Quiero Bailar (Gianluca Argante Remix)

Length : 40:16
Date 2013-11-01a

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