1988 Acid House Mix (Live) - DJ Richard Prado Artimix

Real Live mixtape recorded at The Green Parrot Disco Macau 1988
At that time, I knew these tracks would not easily be accepted by all guests but I felt deeply that I have mission to lead and should play these sounds for them.
"Doctorin The Tardis" finally made it to Number One in Europe.

Tracklist :
01. S'Express - Superfly Guy (12")
02. Bam Bam - Give It To Me (Club Mix)
03. S'Express - S'Express (12")
04. The Timelords (The KLF) - Doctorin The Tardis (12" Extended)
05. Jack To The House
06. Bomb Bass - Beat Dis (Bonus Beats)
07. MARRS - Pump Up The Volume (12")
08. Put The Needle On The Record (12")
09. Steinski & Mss Media - We'll Be Right Back (Club Edit)

Length : 32:37
Year : 1988

Description :
Regarding to the track "S'Express - S'Express (12")" in this mix,
I remember I was chatting with a DJ from Singapore while I was working for the night and recording this tape,
He asked me what version I was playing, I replied just the normal 12" version,
he said it was different, I said because I chopped out in the middle of the track just before the break and I was only playing the second half of the track.
Due to low budget for vinyls, I sucked every juice from every record, this is one of the way to keep people fascinated. :)

DJ Tips : Most DJs (especially Asian DJs) only play the first half of the tracks (i.e. from intro till the first break) and so the later part of the tracks were often forgotten. Try to use all parts of a track.

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