The New Generation Bitter & Sweet Romantic Italo Disco (Special DJ Mag Version)

Tracklist :
Amaya - Sensation (Extended Version)
D. White - No Connect (Long Version)
Aldo Lesina - Goodbye (Extended Power Mix)
Boris Zhivago - Love In Russia (ZYX Extended Mix)
Amaya - New Ways
The Sweeps - Optimistic Melancholic (Special Extended Version)
Helicon - The Net (Vocal Version)
Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together (Vocal Version)
TQ feat. Ken Laszlo & Fred Ventura - In The Night (Extended Version)
Ken Laszlo - S.O.S. (Vocal Version)
Siberian Heat - In Your City (Maxi Version)
Siberian Heat - Pick Up The Phone (ZYX Summer Mix)

Length : 46:53
Date : 2015-02-08H

All New Generation Italo Disco tracks from 2010's. Enjoy !

Technical description :
Beat Mixing : Yes. Harmonic Mixing : Yes. Mood Mixing Yes.

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