Richard Artimix Live Mix 1997-08-07a - Follow Me

Unrehearsed Unedited live mix

SASH! - Encore Un Fois (Remix)
Space Frog - Follow Me (Remix)
DJ Quicksilver - -Bellisima (Remix)
Brainbug - Nightmare (Remix)
Dj Supreme - Tha Wildstyle (Klubbheads Hard House Mix)
Armand van Helden - The Funk Phenomena (Remix) live 2 CD phrasin
Ultra Nate - Free (Remix)
范曉萱 Mavis Fan - 你的甜蜜 (Remix)
The Ethics - La Luna (To The Beat Of The Drum) (Remix)
張學友 - 我等到花兒也謝了 (國) (Dance Mix)

Length : 46:43
Date : 1997-08-07a

I did this mix a few weeks after the Hong Kong Handover Unity Party while the tunes were still banging inside my head! :)

前晚(星期四)晚飯時 唔知點解 腦內不斷 loop 著"Ultra Nate - Free" 的歌詞,
'cause you're free, To do what you want to do..."
好想聽番, 記得自己有隻 mixtape CD live mix 有這首歌, 好似用"張學友 - 我等到花兒也謝了 (Dance Mix) " 來跟...
太多 CD 很難找... 但記得那隻 mixtape CD 封面紙是粉紅色的...
最後找到, 原來跟 Free 的 是范曉萱 Mavis Fan - 你的甜蜜 (Dance Remix),
張學友 在最尾, 唔夠錄影帶錄晒佢.

P.s. In those years, I seldom write down track list during live mix, couldn't remember the remix version names for this one now.

For your reference, this is the Hong Kong Unity Party Bootleg:
Boy George, Pete Tong & Paul Oakenfold Live At Hong Kong Handover Party, 06.07.1997., Essential Mix

Boy George

Bass Shaker - Untitled
Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind [MCA]
Bamboo - Bamboogie [White Label/VC]
Howie B - Angels Go Bald Too [Polydor]
Dub Pistols - Westway [West]
Monkey Mafia - Lion In The Hall [Heavenly]

Pete Tong

Armand Van Helden - Phunk Phenomena [FFRR]
The Knowedge - (As) Until The Day [Italian Sun Tune/FFRR]
KA - Turning Out
Outlander - Vamp [R&S]
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams [R&S]
Club Brothers - Ain't Nobody [Bizz/FFRR]
Continuous Cool - Automatic [US Strictly Rhythm]
Chakra - Home [WEA]
Slacker - Your Face [XL]
JDS - Nine Ways [Crosstrax/FFRR]
Underworld - Cow Girl [Junior Boys Own]
Soundscape - Untitled
Stretch & Vern - Get Up, Go Insane [FFRR]
Desire - When I Lose Control

Paul Oakenfold

Underworld - Dark And Long [Junior Boys Own]
BT - Flaming June [Perfecto]
Black Hill - Little Jam
Ascension - Someone [Perfecto]
Space Frog - Follow Me
DJ Scott Project - Y [How Deep Is Your Love] [DMD]
Mystica - Everest [Perfecto Fluoro]
Jam & Spoon - Kaleidoscope Skies [Epic]


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