Club Dance Mix [Where Do You Go] 1999 (mixed by Richard Artimix) [Repost]

Tracklist :
No Mercy - Where Do You Go (Remix)
Everything But The Girl - Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
Lost - Because You Love Me (Remix)
Everything But The Girl - Wrong (Todd Terry Remix)
Amber - This Is The Night (Remix)
20 Fingers - Lick It (Remix) *
Lost - Unbreak My Heart (Remix)
Angelina - I Don't Need Your Love (Remix)
Angelina - I Don't Need Your Love (Spanish)
Jamaster A - 唐山大兄 (Remake)

* : Planned high point.
Length : 30:55
Year : 1999
Note : Rehearsed 4-Track Unedited ; using 2 CDJ and Fostex 4-Tracker recorder.

Description :
記得當年第一次聽到 Where Do You Go 是在新加坡的CD店, 第一次聽便愛上了,買了CD Remix Single, 當年坐雙子星號遊輪要在新加坡出發...
另外, 我不介意聽翻唱歌, 有自己風格又唱得好也支持, Lost 是一位好例子.


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