Techno Pop Auto Mix vol. 2 v1 (Lazy Mix by TheShowroomDummies)

We go into a club
And there we start to dance...

Although this mix was mixed by machine, it is still very relaxing and enjoyable for humans ! :)

Tracklist :
Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies
Kraftwerk - Home Computer
Man Parrish - Techno Trax
John Foxx - Crash Course
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
Man Parrish - Man Made
Kraftwerk - House Phone
Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe
Kraftwerk - Numbers
Mr. Miami - Just Miami's 909
Kraftwerk - Computer World
Kraftwerk - Sex Object
B.O.S.E. - Bass Overdrive
Man Parrish - Together Again

Length : 62:46
Date : 2017-02-03

Description :
The idea is to record my playlist from Sp.t.f. (not recommended).
Auto mix by DJay Pro in iPod.

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