Midnight Mood : A recording of my emotions : Chillout mix

dj Richard Prado (Artimix) - Midnight Mood

dj Richard Prado (Artimix) - Midnight Mood
01. Fresh - The Looking Glass (Original Mix)
02. DJ Shadow - War Is Hell
03. Deepak Chopra feat. DEMI MOORE - Desire
04. Dido - Here With Me
05. Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
06. Tears For Fears & T. Pain - Go Dumb and Shout (Ross Hogg Remix)
07. Badmarsh & Shri - Day By Day (Chris Coco Mix)
08. DJ Shadow - My Guru
09. 李香蘭 - 梅花 (混音版) [ Li Xiang Lan - Plum Blossom (Remix) ]
10. Shivaree - Goodnight Moon

Length : 34:53
Date : 2009.04.29 Mid-night
Description : A recording of my emotions one night. From "Lying down doing nothing" to "Get up and ready for anything", a definitive warm up session. I had thought of adding songs to this mix but I finally decided to keep the original tracklist, as this is the actual flow of my emotions.

Technical Note : This mix is about mood programming skill. I did this with MixMeister, though I have not changed the tracklist, I have done a few mix versions with different volume in different points and it makes differences in the mood programming.
In this mix I've found out that fader control skill in mood programming is important as much as in beat mixing.


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