Midnight Mood Mix vol.2 (The Midnight BEATS) : Chillout mix

mixed by dj Richard Prado (Artimix)

Please feel the Dark and Cool substances in it.

Night view from my dj booth.

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Midnight Mood Mix vol.2 (The Midnight Beats)
01. B-WrecKords - Smooth Hip Hop Sampled Beat {Edit} 
02. Shelley Harland - In The Dark (Hospital Mix) 
03. Tiu De Haan - O Come O Come Emmuanuel 
04. Probangers.Com - Ambush
05. 蕭瀟 - 千言萬語心燒夜 (Artimix Deep And Dark Edit)
06. Ain't No Sunshine 
07. Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Remix)
08. Shirley Bassey - Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix)
09. Nickodemus - Cleopatra In New York (Zim Zam Mix)
10. Brother Louie (Oliver Leadline Far From Disco Mix)
11. Blue Man Group - Sing Along (feat Dave Matthews Band)

Time: 45:23
Description 1:
Another "Midnight Mood" Mix, to recreate the sounds that went through my mind during the lonely sleepless night(while all family members were sleeping sweetly).

Artimix's formula as usual:
- A litle something that touches your heart; 
- A liitle bit of oriental sound or Chinese song; 
- A little bit of India or Middle-East sound; 
- Some 80's substances embeded.

 What is unusual this time is that instead of creating a climax, I pulled back the speed with "Blue Man Group - Sing Along (feat Dave Matthews Band)" to end the mix in a smoother manner.

 Description 2:
Sick Beats in my head during insomnia.

 Note: Credits and big thanks to the following artists: B-WrecKords for his clever use of sample from "Billy Joel - The Stranger". for sharing the good beats. All original artists of the tracks in this mix. 

 Many Thanks.
忙裡偷閒, 上週末做了個 "失眠Mix vol. 2" 

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