"Deep & Dark" underground compilation 1997

Technically this is not a mix, this can be called a non-stop compilation, main point is to create the atmosphere and "feel" more than demonstrating mixing skill...

"Deep & Dark" feel of underground throughout the compilation except for the last track which will bring you back to overground with a little sunshine and warm feel.

01. Talvin Singh feat. Amar - Jaan
02. The Sabres Of Paradise - Wilmot (Short Version)
03. Osmani Soundz - Spiritual Master Key
04. Smoke City - Underwater Live (Radio Edit)
05. Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Andrea Parker Mix)
06. Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded (Dave Wallace Remix)
07. Everything But The Girl - Before Today (Chicane Remix)

Time : 30:58
Date : First quarter of 1997

Description: I listened, I learnt, I tried out. This is Drum & Bass style. This is dark.

Underground Compilation 1997 - Richard Prado.mp3


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