1985 Relo Dance Mix (2)

This is one of the best 80's megamix ever!

1985 Relo Dance (2) (Steven Relo) [Montreal Discomix]

This is the first of my series of projects - to dig out mixes that DJ love, not only for music lovers but also for DJs.
(DJs seldom have leisure time to listen to other people's mixes and so this is the challenge of these projects.)

Last Sunday I dug this baby (Relo Dance 2 vinyl) out, I gave him a bubble bath in warm water, a new sponge for bathing and another new sponge for drying.
Then applied some cologne (audio-technica vinyl cleaning fluid) on him then I offered him some massage until his voice is good enough to be recorded into 320kbps mp3.

Download (limited time only) :
1985 Relo Dance (2) (Steven Relo) [Montreal Discomix] rjp vinyl.mp3

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