Heart Of Richard Artimix Volume 2 (80's Italo Radio Edit Mix)

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Heart Of Richard Artimix Volume 2 (Radio Short Mix)

France Joli - Blue Eyed Technology (12") rp edit
Mike Cannon - Voices In The Dark (12") rp edit
Get Flash - Beautiful Night (12")
Witch Elizabeth - My Destiny (12")
Tammy Lee - Sky High (12")
Muriel Dacq - Tropique (Remix)
Muriel Dacq - Tropique (Remix English)
Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte
Verago - I Don't Remember (12")
Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen (Extended Remix)
Deborah Kinley - Fantasy (12")
Connie Hyland - Girls Dreams (You Don't Love Me) (12") rp vinyl
Joainne Daniels - After The Rainbow (12" Original Side A) rp vinyl
Rofo - Flashlight On A Disconight (12")

Length : 19:01
Date : 2013-05-05

File : 20130505a_80sDance_v2_Radio(20130602)G output
Heart Of Artimix Volume 2 (Radio Mix) 20130602G - dj Richard Artimix.mp3

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Heart Of Richard Artimix Volume 2 (80's Italo Extended Long Mix)

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