Real Mixtape at work one Saturday in 1989 (Side B1)

Trackist :
Pepsi & Shirlie - Heartache (12")
Marx & Spencer - Stay (Matiz Remix)
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind (12" Promo)
Rita Johns - Haunted By Love (12")
Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) (12")
The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye (12")

Length : 20:23
Year : 1989

Description :
記得幾年前曾提起過這件趣事,但當時未能找到 這餅開工錄音帶作為 Demo...
請聽聽這個 Mix 中的 Stay 入 Heartache 呢個位, 好正, 但處理有點難度,
因 Heartache 完全沒有beat 但又要融合 Stay 的 bass 一起,
如果現場環境多人 嘈雜聲多很難專心聽準, 處理得唔好就會瞬間由天堂跌落地獄.

當年我初初正式入行做 Disco DJ 時,
一個星期六 Peterson 師父打長途電話給我話會同班寶麗金錄音師同事過來澳門玩, 就住我做野Disco 那間 Hyatt酒店, 他門會來探我班...
記得當晚如賞開工, 打 Heartache 舞池爆滿,
但當我望見門口 Peterson 師父同幾個人入緊來 (張國榮《拒絕再玩》和《無心睡眠》那位錄音師也來了),
我剛o岩 mixing 中, 就係呢個mixing位,
但我突然感覺 面很熱但對手很僵泠唔聽洗不能動, 完全沒有救 beat反應, 任由d聲亂晒...
舞池一半人走晒 ( 以前d客識聽mixing 架! ),
衰佐係呢個靚mixing 位... 本可以是天堂但跌了落地獄,
Peterson 過來打招呼後找了張台坐了一陣間,
好彩我爭取時間打番行個場, 又好彩星期六比較易攪氣氛!
上了寶貴的一課, 反思後學識了 '鎮定', 之後我再遇到 同業DJ來訪 我都沒有手忙腳亂喇!

Description 2 :
Regarding to vinyl turntable and sync,
Please have a listen to the mix with "Boom Boom" and "Never Can Say Goodbye",
You can easily notice that the pitch change of "Boom Boom" just a few bars before the break, manual sync could only took place after that change of pitch,
I still could managed the sync in just a few bars time here because I was actually still synchronizing when the second track was on air.
My hands were moving the pitch control naturally and unconsciously while the track was on air.

#DJ_Tips :
When could one say he/she has already mastered "manual sync" ?
Until his / her hands could move the pitch control naturally / unconsciously to sync to the beat and has confidence to do so even when the second track is on air.

#DJ_Tips :
Once you have mastered "manual sync" please do not hestitate to use the gift of technology, the "automatic sync button" and proceed on other DJ-ing techniques.
Personal experence, I thought I could conquer the world when I mastered this "manual sync" technique but I figured out very soon that there are whole lot more about DJ-ing than sync.
That is why the "No Sync Button" argument is very boring to me.

My another sync demo : "Quick Beat-matching Technique"
1987-10-A Mix (Live in Green Parrot Disco)

More Real Mixtapes coming, please stay tuned!

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